The Train Station

Ever feel lonely in life ? Ever feel that you are the weirdest person around ? Ever just felt annoyed by the eternal silence and lack of action in life ? Don’t have anything to do right now?

I know the perfect place for you – an Indian train station. You read that right, it is the perfect place to come to terms with these feelings! I know I sound like a deranged loony trying to sell you psychedelic drugs . But hear me out ,I just might be on to something here.

In a country with almost a billion people and an estimated 382 person per square km ,one just develops a predilection for crowds .The best part of the station is how effortless the process of being entertained is . All you have to do is to find a nice spot to rest your behind and you are good to go ! Hell ! If you want to enjoy the commotion with a nice warm cup of tea or coffee , you are in for a treat .

You can find people from all walks of life;people with all kinds of mental illnesses and people with different degrees of verbal diarrhea.Some of the things you may observe are – The sudden excitement that engenders every time a train arrives , the tea/coffee vendors moving about announcing their product in an annoying voice , the conversation between two old men about how fucked the present generation is , the rather conspicuous exchanges between two newly weds trying not to attract the attention of the rest of the family, the guilty pick pocket pleading the police to let him go,the barking stray dogs fighting over territory, the rusted wheels of the wheel barrow being pushed around by tired railway clerks, the foolishly adventurous man crossing the railway tracks to move between platforms and at last but not the least, the iconic arrival/departure announcements that takes a special talent to understand .Legend says that the  announcements are made in at least 3 different languages !

On a busy day there are thousands of people in a train station, each of these thousand people have a story behind them being there. This untold story is what intrigues me. These stories may be the beginning of something new for some; a way of life for some others and the end of the familiar for the rest. All the thousand stories may share nothing in common except the place which is an integral part to their stories . I like to observe these people from a distance and imagine their stories. Though the made up stories are often times more inaccurate than i choose to accept,this can be a weirdly entertaining activity. Of course these stories are based on the expression that the person wears on his face and the clothes that s/he wears.

It makes you think , how similar life is to a train. You go from one station to another sometimes happy, sometimes sad , sometimes just impassive, but constantly moving without stopping cause the only constant in life is change.

Choo Choo…goes the train of life.



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