The curse of a daydreamer

Sitting in class , bored, trying to pay attention to the teacher talking about the repercussions of the economic policies of 1991  . Without warning , the door blasts open with a ear splitting noise and blinding dust! We hear screams and loud voices followed by a person shuffling his way into the classroom. As the dust settles we see the figure of a veiled man with an Ak-47(because everybody knows what an AK-47 looks like )in his hand take form. He instructs us to cooperate or face dire consequences .I  fortunately know how to fight an armed person  and see this as the perfect opportunity to impress my crush. Just as i am about to make my move i feel the hand of my friend slap me back into the real world where life is a lot more mundane, where i am just a pudgy kid who struggles to even hurt a fly!

This story had played multiple times in my head with every new revision gaining a new and interesting detail.As i grew older the daydreams became a lot more detailed and varied with the new situations I found myself  in. The daydreams range from me having a secret mafia life (where I go by the name: Carlos De la Vega) -to me being able to play any string instrument -to something as simple as a mechanic who builds his own vehicles.  Ya …. I am a lot more interesting in my head!

It has become so easy for me to lose myself in these daydreams no matter what the situation. Sometimes i get so involved in these daydreams that it takes me time to come back to reality. All of this might make me sound like a total psychopath but I am pretty sure I am not the only one who daydreams this much.

The bright side of being able daydream is that I am constantly entertained even in the most boring situations.Day dreaming has helped me develop an active imagination which does help me sometimes in life (3D geometry is where the party is at !).  But of course its not all sunshine and rainbows. The  curse of daydreaming is that reality becomes a lot less interesting .I know I am done day dreaming only once i realize how pathetic I am to be thinking of situations that I will never find myself in, conversations that will never take place and experiences that may or may not take form.

To all the few readers out there questioning my sanity, dont mistake me to be crazy  ( said every crazy person ever). Daydreaming is just a sort of escapade that sometimes helps me face reality no matter how harsh or different. Its not something that i take pride in but I do enjoy abusing this “ability” (lets just call it that) every once in a while. The end goal of every day dream is to keep me entertained and seldom impress somebody in my close vicinity(ya i am an attention whore sometimes). Its all just fun and games !

Cheers !



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