The Travellers high


Just a couple of months ago i was conversing with some of my friends about life goals. Turns out 8 out of 10(me included) wanted to get filthy rich and travel the world. This got me thinking – What was it about travelling and seeing a new place that gives so many people butterflies in their stomachs ? Why did travelling hold so much promise and feel like an escapade from our  lives? Why does travelling and making new friends in a land far far away feel so empowering ?

A couple of months later I was standing on the banks of Pangong Lake (Pangong Tso ) in Kashmir, India. Its waters were clear and the view was picturesque and beautiful. There were birds flying right over the lake , the water bed was decorated with beautiful pebbles . The clear and calm water placed right in between the towering mountain ranges made it feel like  paradise . It was at that moment that all my questions were answered.
People travel to experience something new.

I like to travel because of experiences such as these. I like to travel to experience something beautiful and unique. I like to travel for the feeling that makes all my problems seem so trivial and unnecessary. I like to call this intoxicating feeling -The Traveller’s high

Right after Pangong lake our driver (who was a native of leh) took us to his house and chatted with us  over a cup of chai and arak(which is a local alcoholic drink brewed at homes) while his daughter entertained us with music. I being a city dweller all my life was taken aback by his family’s hospitality especially since we were strangers to each other just two days ago. It is for meetings like these that i love to travel.

Travelling to new places is an escapade from our ever so monotonous lives ,it makes life worth living. This traveller’s high is addictive and the thirst for it , like any other drug ,can only be quenched by by abusing it more .







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