Why so complicated ?

What is identity? What makes you – you and me – me , when all we are just is a complex chemical globular mass trying to reproduce more of our species. Each of our chemical constituents can be broken down into atoms and atoms further in to protons, neutrons and electrons….and yet we identify ourselves as a separate being on this immensely vast universe !! WOooo  *exhales smoke*…time to pass the joint!

Before jobs , money ,social status , science , education, fast food restaurants , burgers , pasta ,buildings, ships,cars,war ,nations,terrorism,religion,feminism,nazism…… our only objective on this universe was to procreate- contribute to our species to try and make a more perfect version of ourselves. How in the world did we as a species complicate something that was so simple and easy ?

Wouldnt it be better to go back to simpler times when the biggest problem of my day was trying to make myself a home in a cave or start a fire ? It is quite ironical that i am talking about simpler times when i am typing this on my laptop which is clearly a product of hundred of years of technological advancement!

Maybe all of this is just my pre exam anxiety talking but atleast right now what i just wrote makes a lot more sense than the working of IC 741 as an astable multi-vibrator.


One thought on “Why so complicated ?

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