The hills where I lost myself

15Among the green hills of this virgin land lay a beautiful monastery , completely oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the cities just a few hundred kilometers south. I never was a person who could appreciate images but I am sure that the beauty of what lay in front of me could even make the loudest of men go mute. This sight was just one of many -now just distant memories that I long to relive. As a person who has been brought up in the city all my life I crave for simplicity. Though it is easy for one to say this as he is typing into a laptop that costs a fortune , an internet connection with satisfactory speed and electricity throughout the day. It is  funny why the grass is always greener on the other side ( literally as well as metaphorically in this case).

My trip to Sikkim was nothing short of breathtaking . Every spot that we stopped had a story of its own .This beautiful state in the north eastern side of India has a surprising amount of beauty that gives you an almost intoxicating rush!

The whole state is covered with lush green mountains topped with snowy clouds covering their tips.Buddhism is one of the most practiced religion in these parts, which obviously means that there are many monasteries here . There was a kind of peace surrounding the entire place one that made you appreciate silence. I flirted with the idea of considering Buddhism as my religion of choice. I eventually dropped this idea as soon as i realized that Buddhists need to refrain from worldly pleasures like alcohol.

The highlight of the trip for me was watching an old man singing and playing a peculiar string instrument(which i later found out was called an Ektara ) outside one of the monasteries that we visited . The man was singing an old ballad in the native Sikkimese language. I didn’t understand a word the man was saying but I truly enjoyed listening to him. Which just goes to say that music transcends all communication barriers. There was something about that encounter that left me enlightened and happy for the rest of the trip.

I went to the north east with no idea of what to expect, I came back leaving a part of myself in those beautiful hills, picturesque waterfalls and  exquisite monasteries.




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