The Mysterious


Some old mystics believed that there are two parts to the human mind -one that is intuitive and one that is rational. The rational mind is what discriminates and divides everything while the intuitive one tries to find the oneness with the universe.

The universe is one of the most mysterious things that i have ever come across . Some people believe that things in the universe function the way they function because it is part of the grand design of a supernatural creator-one they claim we meet after death . But there are some others who believe that our very existence on this earth is nothing more than a probabilistic coincidence. Theories have been formulated on both these schools of thought. Where one school surmised their beliefs with images of supernatural beings and superstitions, the other tried to explain the world we live in through mathematical equations and theories. Both schools despise the other but dont realise that maybe there is a truth in both of their thoughts.

As an aspiring engineer and innovator my thoughts agree more with the latter, which was a huge disappointment to some. Being brought up in an orthodox god-fearing family the very thought of trying to find reason in doing things raises way too many eyebrows. But i must admit that there is some truth in the teachings of my religious forefathers. There is something about visiting a “holy” place that gives me a sense of calm and i am sure that the calm i feel is not because of the idols i am surrounded with, but rather with the environment created in these places . But religion -as much as i hate to admit – has given me a sense of right and wrong. It has taught me many morals that i have come to use in my daily life. I choose not to follow any religion, not because i completely despise religion but largely because of the hate and suffering that religion has caused to mankind over the years. I personally feel that man has failed himself as a species by discriminating on the basis of religion,race,colour and “nationality”.

In contrast to this science has given me a more holistic insight about – the universe we are part of , the world we live in and the organisms we share it with. Science has shown me that the reason why some of us have a dark complexion is because we have more melanin in our bodies. Science has help me predict the trajectory of the laser that i point at a mirror. the late Dr. Feynman’s theory about the sum over histories has proven to me that our very existence in this universe boils down to  numbers that are governed by a probability!  Quantum physics has shown me how uncertain measurements become as the size of our subject decreases. The bucky-ball experiment conducted by 2 Austrian scientists has shown me that there could have been another version of me playing lead next to Brian Johnson rocking out to TNT ! Unfortunately the probability of that happening was extremely small in comparison to the probability of me sitting in this crammed hostel blogging on this site. It is proofs such as these that have helped me clear my qualms about the universe.

Though all these theories have helped us understand the universe , we have used that knowledge to produce way too many evils . The number of post-apocalyptic movies that have come in recent times are testimony to the extent of devastation that we can cause. Even if we are not trying to kill each other through war , we are making machines that contribute to environmental hazards such as global warming. Some have even predicted that the next world war will be for  water. Even after discovering some secrets of something as beautiful as this universe we have time and again proven that we cannot live without harming other people or the environment that we live in .

Homosapien, is indeed , a very mysterious species!


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