The Dilemma


“The whole world is like a book, when you don’t travel you only read a page”

Said some cool guy who has been quoted so many times that his name has become less important. this is one of the many quotes that actually made some sense to me at a very young age. To lead a life of travel has been a dream of mine as far back as i can remember . there is something about exploring a new place that gives me butterflies in my stomach . the opportunity to meet new people with different cultures and beliefs gives me a better perspective about my own matters in life. as intriguing and exciting as the “lone traveller ” experience sounds, i personally believe that it is the companionship of the people that we meet at a new place that really makes it more appealing and adds on to the total travel experience .

why is it that the human mind always wants what is so hard to get?  When all I wanted in my life was to travel why have the new variables of responsibility changed my priorities? Here I am standing at this crossroad of my life debating on which way to go. Why have these new aspects in my life influenced my decision of what and who i want to become ? On one side lies the life of an educated scholar who wishes to learn,who wakes up every morning with a resolve to learn something new and interesting and use that knowledge to influence human society and on the other side lies the happy-go-lucky vagabond who just wants to get piss drunk and have stories to tell to newly found friends at a new residence.

Maybe there is a path which makes these two paths meet, which at this moment and time seems very unlikely.I do wish to learn a lot, I want to help my society but I don’t want to do it by overshadowing the dream I wanted to live ever since i was a 10 year old kid watching “No Reservations” on travel and living . Visiting Sikkim this summer has helped with my priorities as a traveller but it has also made me realize that any decision I make with my life affects the people around me. These are the people who want to be proud of me but are disappointed with the way i have turned out.
why are things that seem so simple and clear to me, seem so distorted and unordered to them? It is so hard to have a conversation with people whose minds and attitudes towards life are stern and incorrigible .

Is there a solution ? Is there a mutual consensus that we can agree upon ? Can I travel both paths? I guess only time will decide…


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